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5 February 2018

In December I created a brand new showreel. The New Year has been so busy I have only just had time to share it. Good things come to those who wait. Enjoy!

1 February 2017

2017 needed something big to kick off the New Year so we found special guest Lauren Gibson, who has never seen any of the Star Wars films. Then we watched the last ten minutes of the prequels together and tried to wrap our heads around them. What follows is a lot of co...

22 November 2016

Myself and Will Sebag-Montefiore have released not one, not two but three new episodes of #TLTM for all our lovely listeners. Our Halloween special, From Dusk Till Dawn, our Bonfire Night episode, V for Vendetta and a drumming masterclass, Whiplash. You can download th...

27 October 2016

Look how excited and curious Will and Sean are? Why?? Well, the 2nd episode of The Last Ten Minutes is ready for you to download and listen. This time it's Sean's turn and he hasn't seen Big Fish. Find out what happens by clicking on the photo above. Please r...

4 October 2016

It has arrived. It is finally here. On iTunes. 

After much anticipation, (mostly by Will Sebag Montefoire and I whilst waiting for Apple to accept the first episode) our brand spanking new podcast The Last Ten Minutesis now available to download on iTunes. 

In each...

2 September 2016

I've had new headshots done. Take a closer look in my headshots gallery

Take a few minutes to follow me on Twitter and Tweet your interest in my new photos. https://twitter.com/seanyjonesey86

1 September 2016

Here are some great photos from when I performed with The First Family and Slap Haddock Theatre Company as part of Walthamstow Garden Party in July. 

Click the photo above to view all.

It was SO HOT and we had a lot of fun talking and sharing with the public to crea...

11 July 2016

With my friend and actor William Sebag-Montefoire I am recording a brand new podcast. It's called The Last Ten Minutes. I don't want to give any more away except to say that we have recorded 2 episodes of the series already and there is a lot more to come. At this stag...

10 May 2016


I am pleased to say that I have recently signed with London and Manchester based agency Joe Doe Management.


Below is a link to their website.



and their Facebook page. 




12 April 2016

Peace and War is a radio play featured on Wireless Theatre Company's Website. I am in it and it is definitely worth listening to. I play the role of Fred and various other small roles throughout. The radio drama was produced by Cherry Cookson, previously a BBC radio pr...

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