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September 25, 2013

I wanted to write this first entry about something that I thought of today when going about my daily business but I think I should probably start by saying hello. I have never written a blog before so that is why I am saying hello, not just because I am overly friendly. A while ago I went on tour with my friend Natasha to Sweden to perform in shows for Big Wheel Theatre Company and she was writing a blog while we were touring. I thought 'that's a really good idea' because she was writing about things that made her laugh, funny things that had happened to her that day (lots of funny things happen in a country you have never been to before), photos and videos of cool stuff with posts next to them. She didn't worry about making it sound intelligent or interesting for people, because it was making her laugh a lot, and me too, to be fair. 


So this is my first post on my website because I thought it would be fun not just for me hopefully because I would like some followers! Hope you like it from here…


I realise the quite dramatic title to this blog. It is not some philosophical statement about being an actor an anything like that. Actually I thought about it when I went to the hairdressers today. First of all, I went to one that I had never been to before and yes thank god, you’ll be pleased to know I am happy with what they did to my hair. It was all going very well, ‘number 4 clippers please’ (shiny ones too), ‘longer on the top but short back and sides’ as you do, until the hairdresser, who was lovely by the way, whipped out his…cut throat razor!

Now I have never used one before because to be honest, and those reading this post who know me well will understand, I don’t trust myself with an open blade near my neck. When I was a student, I once tried to put a new hole in my belt with a ‘scream’ knife and sliced into my hand, so it's that sort of thing that I am talking about.  Back to the hairdressers though I was thinking ‘wow this man better be better than I would be with a knife next to my throat’ and you know what, he was.


But it got me thinking that we do trust hairdressers a lot. Not just with blades near our throat because in all honestly I am not sure how many people have had the cut throat treatment at the barbers, I certainly hadn’t until now. But we trust them with quite a big thing, our hair. Haha I sound so superficial. What I mean is we have all had that haircut that goes so wrong and we wish we could take it back. Like take the example of my friend Conor, who once had his hair done in a barbers and they gave him a hair cut a bit like a 5-year-old German girl. We laughed, he cried and then hacked at his hair with scissors and surprisingly did make it look better.


What is funny is that people trust hairdressers with their problems and tell them things some people wouldn’t even tell their best friends. I know some hairdressers and believe me they do talk about your problems to other hairdressers and their friends so it is funny that people still trust them.

All in all my haircut was great and I can thank my lucky stars I didn’t end up like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Enjoy the video...



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