To Pray or Not to Pray

March 15, 2014

It has been a fruitful year so far with January revolving around making calls to Belgium schools to get them to book shows for Big Wheel so we can actually do the shows which is the fun part. Because when we do the shows things like this happen:


My friend Pete and I were performing in a show called Introduction to Shakespeare with Big Wheel Theatre Company. Pete is another Big Wheeler. Anyway we are performing the show in quite a decorative Catholic church and it is all going well. We are just getting to the final part of the show where we get the audience to perform in an interactive version of Hamlet, when a slightly confused looking man walks slowly into the church, right through the centre of the stage, stops, looks around and then goes to the alter to pray. We carry on with Hamlet, the students performing their lines, when the man finishes praying, walks on to the stage again and sits in the audience. All the kids are cracking up. I can’t contain myself to carry on with the show but manage somehow to pull it together and the man, who is called Noah by the way, kindly laughs out loud at our jokes and gives us a standing ovation at the end! Thank you Noah and come again!

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