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Sean runs workshops in many different theatre techniques including clowning, physical theatre, and story telling. He has facilitated workshops in various countries across the whole of Europe and the UK, with Rambert, Soho Theatre and Big Wheel Theatre Company, to name but a few. Sean offers his workshops to a range of different ages and can adapt them for children or adults. 


A workshop dedicated to the art of play, being open and saying yes. The clown comes from us.  We learn to be comfortable on stage in front of the audience. We work on finding the joy of being 'exposed' and vulnerable and how failure is a positive in the world of the clown. 


To create a character, we start from the body. In this workshop, participants develop their own characters by exaggerating walks, movements and physical attributes. We then add the voice and eventually they choose their costume. They use these characters to improvise and devise scenes together. Older groups can be encouraged to develop their characters in their own time and arrive at the session in character/costume. 

Movement & Mime

Working on the precision of movement and the notion of 'Fixed Point', using special exercises and techniques that develop our mime skills. These skills lead us into physical storytelling. 

Storytelling & Devising

Working in groups to create theatre takes experience and confidence. Here we introduce the skill of devising theatre and participants work together in groups to tell a story for their audience. 

The Chorus 

This workshop can be used in conjunction with an introduction to Jacques LeCoq's pedagogy and the idea of 'Complicité' and 'The Chorus' when creating theatre collaboratively. We discover the chorus through spacial exercises and once found, we work with text to see the effects the chorus can have on the narrative 

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